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  • Adriano dos Santos


Cauliflower - Underrated 🤔 

👉 Cauliflower is a very underrated vegetable. It is low in calories, carbs and fat, but very rich in vitamin C, fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, and other healthy and essential 

nutrients. It is also great anti-inflammatory food, and that is why you should add it to your diet. 

Training for aesthetics - Overrated 💪 

👉 Don’t get me wrong, training is a great habit, but you should focus on the purpose of your workout before everything. If you’re training just for looks, then you’re missing the point. 

It is a very short-sighted approach; aesthetics come and go, and your health and functionality should be the primary focus; the rest will follow if you optimize your 

diet and recovery. 

Drinking coffee as a pre-workout - Slightly underrated ☕️ 

👉 Coffee is an excellent source of caffeine, one of the main ingredients of many pre-workout supplements that are overpriced. It may increase your strength, endurance, and your performance overall. I suggest drinking it 45-60 minutes before a workout because it is very cheap, effective, and delicious.

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