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My Philosophy

I can't entirely agree with the concept of alternative medicine as being an alternative or replacement for 'conventional medicine'. There are many elements to consider when it comes to health; it's not simply a case of conventional versus alternative. I believe in integrated medicine, where we bring the two approaches together. That's how we get the therapeutic spectrum much broader. When we understand that we can do more than one thing to get well, we position ourselves better to return to good health. 


If somebody is sick and needs pharmacological drugs, they need drugs. However, "nutraceuticals" could be employed to support a patient while reducing the number of medications used or even not using any drug. To achieve this integrative medicine approach, I work with doctors, functional medicine practitioners, naturopaths, psychologists, osteopaths and fitness professionals. 


Let's analyse the metabolism before choosing the treatment approach. After every first case review appointment, I frequently recommend a Functional Comprehensive Metabolic Blood Chemistry and digestive tract analysis. It is the most efficient and effective tool for evaluating all these interconnecting systems and, therefore, your overall health. It screens for various foundational potential triggers and system assessments, including several types of anaemia; indications of gut, viral and bacterial infections; insulin resistance and hypoglycemia; liver and kidney issues; and a comprehensive thyroid profile.


In Biology, we learn that all of our systems operate via complex biochemical pathways. If these become functionally slow or halted, there is an effect at a cellular level. If left unchecked, whole systems move away from their optimal natural balance, resulting in a domino effect of system dysfunction. The disease can often be a long way out, but the balance of homeostasis may have been tipped enough to result in a sub-optimal dysfunction. And that's why most of the clients I see do not have a full-blown "disease", but they certainly have enough symptoms to indicate that several systems have moved away from their optimal level. Integrated Nutritional Therapy stands for addressing the causes of system dysfunction, recalibrating bodily systems and restoring optimal function. In other words, excellent health!

"As I always believed, Nutrition is a potent and effective tool in managing and preventing disease. It represents one of the critical things we can do for ourselves to actively play a role in our healthcare."

My Story

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Originally from Bauru city in São Paulo state, Brazil, my lifelong passion for living a healthy lifestyle began aged 15 with football, basketball, running and fitness, eventually leading to my profession until today. 


I remember my first ever visit a gym when I was 16 years old and starting a fitness programme with my trainer back then. I immediately fell in love with bodybuilding and even participated in a fitness model competition. Since then, I have never stopped training and focusing on my nutrition and performance because I saw how powerful a complete lifestyle can transform your health, body and mind. That was when I decided to study Sports Science at the University of Bauru-São Paulo. From the first year through the last year of my studies there, I was already working as a personal trainer at Reebok Fitness Club. 

But it wasn't before I migrated to London and began studying Nutrition Science at Kingston University that I started understanding more about the power of nutrition in various health conditions. As someone who always

suffered from allergies, gluten intolerance and other digestive tract issues, I specialised in gut health. During my graduation there, I was fortunate to run my own personal training business in London, which also brought me many experiences in health and nutrition coaching. I always say that living, studying and working in London has been the best school of life I could ever wish for. 


Almost a decade ago, I moved to The Netherlands and started my health coaching business here by establishing my coaching practice in The Hague and creating a corporate wellness consulting business. I had the honour to work within organisations in The Netherlands such as KPN communication group, Accor Hotel Group, International British Schools, Springer Science, and Travel Counsellors Benelux. As a health science speaker, I deliver lectures and courses about heart disease and educate them on the preventative measures of nutrition and exercise. 


Although I've never considered living in The Netherlands, I love the culture and lifestyle here. I'm beyond fully integrated here because I also speak the language fluently after almost four years of taking classes and language proficiency exams. 


I've constantly acquired new qualifications and knowledge to help my clients achieve their health goals more effectively. I'm a bit of a geek who always has my head in the current health, medicine & nutrition book and I love staying up to date with all the current courses.


This hunger for new knowledge and helping people achieve optimal health encourages me to take a year's sabbatical to reflect on the next steps in my career. Between 2021 and 2022, I took a break from my coaching business, which helped me see where I would like to focus my energy. That was so insightful and brought me loads of wisdom. After 20 years of being a personal trainer in the field of the Fitness industry, I've decided to focus exclusively on Nutrition therapy to help people achieve optimal health. That doesn't mean that I'm leaving the fitness element behind. That means that I'll be working together with fitness professionals to help my clients to get fitter. 


As part of my professional growth, I will also embark on new studies, a master's programme in sleep medicine at Oxford University at the Neuroscience department and functional medicine practitioner, starting in 2023. 


Sports Science Degree
(BA Hons)

Nutrition Science Degree (BSc)

Exercise Physiology


Level 6 Health Specialist by Ereps

From 2023: 

  • Sleep Medicine Master's programme from the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute (SCNi) at the University of Oxford. 

  • Functional Medicine Practitioners in Clinical Practice (AFMCP)

CPD Qualifications

  • Autoimmunity - Pharma Nord - 2022

  • The Nutritional Medicine Institute Summit 2022 - London

  • Sleep medicine for GPs – diagnosing and managing sleep disorders in general practice - The Royal Society of Medicine

  • The Microbiome Summit - Biocare Education

  • Introduction to Functional Medicine at IFM (Institute of Functional Medicine)

  • Introduction to Functional Nutrition at IFM (Institute of Functional Medicine)

  • Insulin and Neurodegeneration: Exploring the Role of Diabetes and Insulin Resistance in the Development of Neurodegenerative Disorders - at Pure Encapsulations

  • Intestinal Permeability, Part 1: Foundations of Increased Intestinal Permeability in Clinical Practice and Research - at Pure Encapsulations

  • Intestinal Permeability, Part 2: Testing Methods and Treatment Objectives for Intestinal Permeability in Clinical Practice - at Pure Encapsulations

  • Intestinal Permeability, Part 3: Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Increased Intestinal Permeability: The IP Guideline at Pure Encapsulations

  • Spotlight on Iron at Pure Encapsulations

  • Turning the Tide in GI Immunology: Causes, Clues, Clinical Strategies at Pure Encapsulations

  • Unlocking Personalisation: Genetic Case Study Synopsis at Pure Encapsulations

  • Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) - An Often-Silent Driver Of Multiple Health Issues at Pure Encapsulations

  • Detoxification, microbiome and tiredness at Energetica Natura Academy

  • Digestive Enzyme therapy course at Energetica Academy

  • Lifestyle as Medicine at Lifestyle4Health

  • Essential Life Support at European Resuscitation Council

  • Nutritional Support in Liver and Pancreatic diseases at ESPEN congress

  • Nutrition and Sports at ESPEN congress

  • Nutritional Support in GI diseases at ESPEN congress

  • Biosignature Modulation from Charles Poliquin in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013

  • Corrective and physiotherapeutic training

  • Taping and Strapping Technique at Kinesio Taping Association International

  • Active Release Technique (ART) at British School of Osteopathy

  • Personal Trainer, CYQ3 award at YMCAfit               

  • Health & Fitness Coach at NASM & PTS 

  • Sports Nutrition Specialisation  at Oxford College    

  • Total functional sports training at  Kingston College

  • Total functional core training at Kingston College

  • Exercises for special populations at CardioSociety of Sao Paulo

  • Update in Physical Training and Nutrition Strength Training: New concepts of Hypertrophy and Nutrition at FIB University in Brazil

  • International Symposia of Exercise Physiology at  Univas University in Brazil

  • Strength Training for Fitness and Health at Steven Fleck at International Sport and Physical Education Meeting  

  • Strength training for kids and teenagers at  International Sport and physical education meeting in Sao Paulo

  • Strength Training programme design at International Sport and physical education meeting in Sao Paulo

  • Training Periodization with Steven Fleck at  International Sport and physical education meeting in Sao Paulo

  • Exercise, Nutrition and Weight Loss at  International Fitness Brazil          

  • Personalised training meeting at  Tavico Moscatello Institute        

  • Strength Training Meeting at Tavicco Moscatello Institute

  • Tuberculosis as an emerging disease at  FIB University in Brazil

  • Strength training workshop at Emporio das Vitaminas          

  • Strength training Symposium of Sao Paulo at Uniara University in Brazil

  • Physiology of Strength training at FEPAM (Federacao paulista de musculacao)

  • Muscle and Joints Anatomy at FEPAM (Federacao paulista de musculacao)        


My Practice

All my face-to-face lifestyle and nutrition coaching sessions take place at my own home where I have a separate practice room to accommodate my clients.


All the consults have to be book in advanced. And of course, If you want to optimalise your time and have online coaching, then you can book here for online sessions.


Interested in boosting your health?

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