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Planten functional nutrition


Working with credible and pioneering partners is vital to deliver outcomes for my clients. These partners are crucial either to delve deeply into the causes of your health issues or to acquire the most reliable and evidence-based products to assist you during your treatment.


Regenerus Labs has a simple mission: to give healthcare providers in the EU access to the world's most advanced health tests

Biosvis provides analyses of the microbiome through diagnostics of the stool. This provides information on food intolerances, oxidative stress or immune deficiencies.

Colab offers highly advanced laboratory tests not previously accessible in the Netherlands

Nordic has become a leading European distributor of laboratory tests.  Regardless of location, customers receive their tests exceptionally fast and are totally relieved of the hassle of handling.

Partners Supplements Dispensaries

In addition to testing, Nordic also provides advanced supplements that underpin the body

Energetica Natura's supplements are based on patented technologies prescribed by more than 10,000 doctors and therapists

Welldium is specialised in high-quality supplements in Europe.

Amrita Nutrition specializes in high-quality, therapist-prescribed nutritional supplements

Deltastar Nutrients a offers wide range of high-quality and natural nutritional supplements from the US, including the well-known brands NaturesPlus, Allergy Research Group and Designs for Health. Deltastar also has more specialised products under the Vitaplex brand.

Knowledge partners and associations

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The professional association NWP strives to promote quality and acceptance of its therapists. In addition, professionalization of complementary care and connection with mainstream care are important focal points.

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