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  • Adriano dos Santos

Low energy level and mood swings all the time? How to change that?

Negative vibes can take a lot of energy, decreasing your energy levels. A decrease in energy levels can cause a feeling to not like to do anything, staying home and decrease contact with friends and family. Having a low energy level for a long period of time can cause symptoms of depression.

It is possible to increase your energy levels without using antidepressive or other chemicals that might hurt your body.

1. Listen to positive music

Listening to pleasurable music actually releases more dopamine, which makes certain area of the brain function better. It also increases the recovery from a wide range of conditions, which including heart diseases and common cold. Pleasurable music increases the overall immune system. Although it depends completely on taste what you experience as pleasurable, some music can actually decrease energy, because of its negative effect it has on the brain.

My advice is to listen to music without lyrics or at least lyrics you don't understand. This will keep you from thinking too much about the lyrics.

2. Consume brain food

Food plays an important part in increasing your energy levels. Just like a car your body needs the right mix of fuel to perform the way you desire. If you had a million dollar car, would you put the cheapest gas into the motor that might break it?

The brain consists of 50-60% of fat, which are used as insulation for its billions of tender nerve cells. The better a cell is insulated, the faster it can send messages, which results in speedier thinking. With the best mix your energy and productivity increases. These fats can be found especially in fish like, wild salmon, mackerel and anchovies. Also dark green vegetables appear to be excellent ways to increase the insulation of brain cells.

3. Take time to be quiet

Quietness frees up a huge part of your mental energy and rebalances your nervous systems. Doing the following technique for only 10 minutes a day will boost your energy level quickly. you can do this exercise in a park, bedroom or even on the toilet.

Sit down and make sure you have a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take 10 slow and deep breaths. Picture yourself in a spot that makes you feel relaxed. Like near the beach with ocean waves or on top of a mountain with green grass and lots of plants and flowers. Try to smell the flowers and the grass that has just been cut. try to feel as much as you can about the environment. Afterwards stretch your arms and legs and open your eyes.

These are just a fraction of steps you can take to quickly boost your energy levels. If these methods are not working for you it is also possible to take supplements. However make sure these are organic and not causing more harm than good.

Alternatively try to consult with a nutritionist who could help you with a more personalised advice.

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