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The Feel Better Plan - 6 months functional nutrition program

Feel Better Plan

health transformation


Our Packages


single consult

  • Online health intake questionnaire

  • 1*90 minutes initial online consult

  • Labtesting* pre and review

  • Nutrition design (valid 2 months)

  • Lifstyle design (valid 2 months)

  • Supplement design (valid 2 months)

  • Follow Up session 60 minutes

  • 1 e-mail for further questions

  • Video recording of the consultation

Euro 495


3 months

  • Online intake gezondheidsvragen

  • 1*90 min. Initieel online consult

  • Lab testing*  pre and review

  • Persoonlijk gezondheids optimilisatie document

  • Voedingsplan met updates

  • Leefstijlplan met updates

  • Supplementenplan met updates

  • Follow-Up sessie 60 min.

  • Onderhouds consult 1* 30min.

  • Wekelijkse email voor verdere vragen
  • Video opnames van het consult

  • Toegang tot beveiligde cliëntenportal Verlengd gebruik tot 5 maanden

  • 5% korting op aanvullende consults

Euro 375 per month
or one time € 995,00


Advanced - 6 months

  • Online health intake questionnaire

  • 1*90 minutes initial online consult

  • Labtesting* pre and review

  • Personalised health optimization doc

  • Nutrition design with updates

  • Lifestyle design with updates

  • Supplement design with updates 

  • Follow-Up session 60 min.

  • Maintenance consult 4* 30min.

  • Weekly  e-mail for further questions

  • Video recording of the consultations

  • Access to secured client portal  - Extended use within 8 months

  • 15% discount on additional consults

Euro 275 per month
or one time € 1375,00


  • Instalments available

  • In person consultation available on request

  • Suggestion of a health or recipe book to support your plan

  • Access to our e-learning journey "Feel Better"

  • Buy additional follow-ups for ongoing maintenance with a discount

The costs associated with laboratory tests are not included. Instead, patients will receive a separate invoice directly from the laboratory for these services."

Do you accept the challenge?

Too often we met people who came to us for a quick-fix. Of course, we need to fix your issues as quickly as possible, and we will commit to that. But we expect you to commit as well. This includes a full dedication to achieving the desired results. For this, you might need to change your nutrition and lifestyle.


You will have to have persistence, a desire to acquire knowledge and desire to improve yourself, and a strong sense of dedication. Are you willing to really go for it? We are very happy to work with you. Are you not so sure yet? Then don't do it.


7-day introductory program

My approach can only succeed if we both commit. Therefore, before we even start the Feel Better Plan, I will ask you to sign up for my 7-day introductory programme for the symbolic investment of  EUR 150.00 inc VAT. Once you have completely completed this week programme, we will go through your motivations and goals to see if we have a proper ‘click’ to work together.  Finally if we both feel that we are a good match then we can start our journey together. If you sign up for the 6-month Feel Better Plan programme, you will get a discount of EURO 150,-.

Step 2 Follow the 7 days introductory program

Step 3 Choose your plan


Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition is an evidence-based approach to nutrition that aims to identify and improve the underlying causes of imbalances or chronic health problems rather than just treating the symptoms.


It looks at an individual's unique biochemistry, lifestyle and environmental factors to create personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that contribute to optimal health and well-being.


Read more about the difference functional nutrition and conventional nutrition

This is my commitment

We really commit ourselves to our clients. We promise to use our knowledge to the best of our ability for you. 

Our commitment is to promote your health and reduce your symptoms.  As healthcare providers, our top priority is to prioritize your best interests and honour your perspectives.

Your Promise

You commit yourself to the program. You are fully focused to achieving the desired results. Adopting a new dietary and lifestyle habit demands determination, and a willingness to acquire knowledge and improve oneself.

Eat green, eat healthy
Are you up for the challenge?
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