Berry Beet Smoothie

Did you know that studies have shown that beets have a capacity of significantly lowering your blood pressure by the incredible 4–10 mmHg, over a period of only a few hours? 

Amazing, right? 

No wonder people are starting to consume it more and more. 

Beets also contain a class of pigments called betalains, which may potentially possess a number of anti-inflammatory properties. 

So, here is a breakfast idea for you that has these two ingredients combined. 

It only takes 10 minutes to prepare it.  

✅ Berry Beet Smoothie Bowl ✅  

➡ Ingredients  

- 1 beet(s) - Beets, raw (finely chopped)  

- 2 date pitted - Medjool date (soaked in warm water for 5 minutes)  

- 1/2 cup - Spinach  

- 1/2 avocado(s) - Avocado (chopped)  

- 1/2 cup - Frozen blueberries  

- 1/2 cup - Frozen strawberry (or raspberries)  

- 4 cube(s) - Ice cubes  

- 3/4 cup - Almond milk, unsweetened  

- 1 tbsp - Chia seeds, ground  

- 1/2 tsp - Cinnamon  

- 1 tsp - Vanilla extract, pure  

- 3 drop(s) - Stevia sweetener, liquid (optional)  

- 1 tbsp - Coconut flakes, unsweetened (for topping)  

- 5 medium - Strawberries (sliced, for topping)  

- 1/4 tsp - Chia seeds, ground (for topping)  

➡ Instructions  

- Prep your beet, and while you are doing that, soak your beets in warm water.  

- Add your chopped beet, soaked, and drained date(s), and the remaining smoothie bowl ingredients to a high-speed blender and blend until smooth and fully incorporated.  

- Serve immediately in a bowl with toppings.  

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