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  • Adriano dos Santos

Underrated / Overrated

Deadlifts - Overrated 🏋️

👉 Don’t get me wrong, deadlifts can surely be great, but they are one of the hardest technical movements a person can perform in the gym. Most of the deadlifts I’ve seen were performed using rather questionable techniques, which can put a person at high risk of a serious injury. Remember, there is no space for big egos in the gym, especially when it comes to deadlifts, so keep your spine safe and avoid heavy lifting. If you really want to perform this exercise, make sure you’ve learned the movements correctly first, and only then feel safe to add the weights. 🙂

Beans - Underrated 🤔

👉 Beans are packed with protein, fiber, folate, iron, and other essential nutrients. You can prepare them in various different ways, and they always end up being delicious. Beans are a great source of antioxidants, and eating them regularly will lower the risk of heart disease and improve your gut health.

Cold Shower - Underrated 🚿

👉 Yeah, you’re going to hate me for recommending this one, but it makes a big difference and you’ll thank me later. When you’re exposed to extreme cold, your body responds by increasing your metabolism to heat back up. You burn fat through a process called cold thermogenesis, which also reduces inflammation and increases blood circulation.

Research shows that exposing yourself to cold until you’re shivering increases the calories you burn by 31% [*]. That shouldn’t take long under a cold shower.

At the end of your next shower, stand under the faucet so the water hits you directly in the forehead. A ton of your cold receptors are on your forehead and chest. Then, turn the heat off and force yourself to stand under the cold water for 10 seconds. Do it every morning, gradually building up the time as your cold tolerance increases.

This is one of the simplest metabolic hacks you can do, and it pays off in a big way after just a few days of cold exposure. 🙂

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