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  • Adriano dos Santos

My Year in review

I cannot believe that this year is coming to an end. 2020 has been a whirlwind of adventure and uncertainties to most of us — a period of unpredictable chaos and yet extreme learning.

The days are long but life is short

First, I want to emphasize an important disclaimer: I didn’t write this summary for advice’s purposes but merely written as my own mechanism for remembrance, reflection, understanding, and gratitude.

Secondly, thank you universe for an awesome year. I really do owe everything to everyone around me…“While life is largely a single player game, I know that I am standing on the shoulders of giants.” I am infinitely indebted…the continuous support, from all my friends, family and my dear clients…it all means the world to me, thank you.

Thirdly, I feel a lot for all the people who lost their beloved ones in these crazy times of pandemic. I also lost my dear aunt this year who passed away with Covid-19. It’s tough!

I also deeply feel for those who lost their jobs and are still going through tough moments. We are all together in this and that is my greatest lesson this year. “WE ARE ALL TOGETHER IN THIS CRAZY WORLD”

What I’m grateful for:

  1. Published 100 blog posts about nutrition, health conditions, fitness and mindset. An average of 2 posts per week. I am by no means a professional blogger and neither writer (nor hope to be)…I write to learn to think and to inspire, but not to preach what you should do…it has been an amazing journey thus far.

  2. I also craft a newsletter every week where I share the most interesting info from the world of nutrition, health and lifestyle.

  3. +156 instagram posts with loads of inspiring recipes, training, and lifestyle hacking tips.

  4. Launched my own fitness app where I can coach all my clients with their fitness programmes, healthy habits and nutrition.

  5. Over 1300 hours of coaching sessions with wonderful clients and lots of successful stories.

  6. Published 2 brand new nutrition programmes online; 90 days keto and goodbye stress programme.

  7. Automised the signup/booking/payment processes on my website for the online coaching plans. That was a game changer.

  8. Refreshed my website design and social media completely.

  9. Followed two amazing online courses this year, one was about public health and the other was all about training patients with cardiovascular conditions.

  10. I got accepted by a charity in my community to start helping elderly during this pandemic. I’m thrilled to be able to share my time with the elderly during the lockdown because they are the ones suffering the most by being isolated from the beloved ones.

  11. I reflected and wrote in my gratitude diary every single day. That feels amazing when I look back and see how much more aware I’ve become of my own feelings and the present moment.

  12. Not a lot of traveling this year due the lockdown but I at least managed to go to South France 3 times and once to London this year. I miss traveling and seeing my dear friends and family.

  13. 360 days of meditation and took the time to understand my own feelings and thoughts.

  14. This pandemic helped me to tighten relationships with family, close friends, and peers…

  15. Challenged my intuition and explored my curiosities via creation…like painting/ redecorating my house; gardening; lots of cooking;

Nothing was easy (nor was it supposed to be). There were lots of ups and downs this year, as I was reminded that everyone is fighting battles that you likely do not know about. I made lots of mistakes, I sparred demons, I unleashed ego, and finally found some sense of harmony.

2021 will be definitely more exciting than 2020…Covid-19 vaccine, no Trump in power and more certainties to all of us. That is what we all need at this moment. More togetherness and less individualism.

Thank you so much for reading about my year. As I mentioned before, I owe everything to everyone. I am so lucky and I thank you for all of the support.

I wish you (and your family/friends) a healthy and fulfilling new year.

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