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  • Adriano dos Santos

How to solve the lack of Vitamin D?

Did you know that 1 billion people don’t get enough of vitamin D exposure?

There is a very logical explanation behind that fact.

We spend much more time indoors nowadays.

However, there are also a few additional reasons for the lack of vitamin D:

- Being overweight or obese.

- Not eating enough fish or dairy.

- Living very far from the equator, where there is not enough sunny hours year-round.

- Always using sunscreen when going outdoors.

How did I solve this problem?

🥁 :::drum rolling::: 🥁

➡ ➡Zoom meetings outside. ⬅⬅

It's nothing revolutionary, but it definitely works.

It helped me spend much more time outside during my working hours, while building a strong immune system by boosting my vitamin D levels.

Give it a try.

You will feel much more connected with nature, much happier and healthier.

The best time for sunlight is early morning and end of the afternoon.

But for optimal results and for a short period of time the best time during the day to get sunlight is midday.

At noon, the Sun is at its highest point, and its UVB rays have the highest intensity. That means you will be needing to spend less time in the sun to receive the sufficient amount vitamin D.

However, you have to be careful.

In the Netherlands, 13 minutes of midday sunlight exposure during the summer, three times per week is enough to maintain healthy levels.

A longer period of time can lead to sunburns, skin problems, and even skin cancer.

To sum up.

Sun exposure is by far the best way to get your healthy dose of vitamin D.

Summer is coming, so try to adapt your professional lifestyle to get the most out of the sun, but still, be careful.

13 minutes, 3 times a week, during the midday will be enough.

Stay healthy!

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