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  • Adriano dos Santos

Avocado & Pear Salad with Arugula


1 large Pear (sliced lengthwise)

1 Avocado (sliced lengthwise)

1/4 small Red onion (sliced thinly)

1/2 cup Walnuts (chopped)

8 cup Arugula (baby arugula)

1/2 cup Cranberries, dried

1/3 cup Extra virgin olive oil (for basic herb vinaigrette)

1/4 cup Balsamic vinegar (for basic herb vinaigrette)

1 tbsp Lemon juice (for basic herb vinaigrette)

1 tbsp Oregano, dried (for basic herb vinaigrette)

1 pinch Sea salt, fine (for basic herb vinaigrette)

1 dash Cayenne pepper (a pinch to taste, for basic herb vinaigrette)


Make ready a large serving platter.

Slice a pear lengthwise and carve out the core. Continue slicing each half lengthwise into 1/2 cm thick slices.

Cut into an avocado lengthwise until you hit the pit. Rotate the knife around the entire pit until you have two halves. Carefully hit the pit with the knife until it punctures it. Turn the knife to pop out the pit. Push a spoon between the avocado and the skin and carve the avocado out of its skin. Slice each half lengthwise into 1/2 cm thick slices.

Slice the onion into thin slices. Chop the walnuts into small pieces.

Fill the center of the platter with the arugula. Line the outside edges of the plate with alternating slices of pear and avocado.

Sprinkle the walnuts, red onion, and dried cranberries over the arugula.

For the vinaigrette: combine olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, oregano, sea salt, and cayenne pepper in a medium measuring cup, preferably with a spout. Whisk to blend well.

Drizzle the vinaigrette over the entire platter when ready to serve.

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