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  • Adriano dos Santos

So...what can I do to improve my digestion?

Have you asked yourself that too? Sometimes you get overwhelmed with some much information out there that you don't know even to which professional you should go and ask help.

As food as concerned, I can share with you right now 3 tips to improve your digestion and start feeling better.

1. Chew: Sounds simple, but it’s so fundamental to proper digestion. When working to restore your gut health, your goal should be to make the food on your plate easy for your body to digest. Remember, your stomach does not have teeth; therefore, you must chew until your food is liquid before swallowing it. By doing this, you’re boosting nutrient absorption and reducing your digestive system’s workload. Aim for about 30 chews per bite, especially for proteins and raw veggies.

2. Soften Your Food: If you’re seeing undigested food in your stools, reduce roughage foods or puree them into soups. Try soft veggies instead, such as butternut squash and roasted carrots. Undigested food in your stools means your food is not digesting properly.

3. Hot vs. Cold Meals: You should also make an effort to balance your meals between hot and cold foods and pay close attention to how you feel after eating both, such as a bowl of quinoa versus a smoothie or sautéed vegetables versus a salad. Cold foods require your body to work harder to digest them. Therefore, especially if you have weak digestion, you need greater digestive fire to break down your foods. You can increase your diges- tive fire by adding warming foods, drinking tea, or chewing on ginger 15 minutes be- fore meals. I find adding cinnamon or ginger to a smoothie, chia pudding or a green juice warms my digestion.

I have plenty of more tips in my coaching programs and also on the Restore your gut program. Check it out.

Best regards,


ADS Vitality

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