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  • Adriano dos Santos

Respiratory Immune Health

Did you know immune function tends to decline with age? 📉 but let me share with you some of the techniques I use in my practice! Incorporating certain nutrients into your diet can help strengthen your immune system.

Respiratory Immune Health

Here's a summary of some immune-boosting wonders:

🔍 Zinc: Shown to reduce the duration of cold symptoms by 25-44%.

🌸 Elderberry: Rich in polyphenols, it may reduce influenza symptoms and duration.

🦠 Probiotics: Essential for gut health, reducing the risk of respiratory infections.

🍊 Vitamin C: Boosts white blood cells and reduces the duration of respiratory illness.

☀️ Vitamin D: Linked to lower risk of respiratory infections.

🌿 Curcumin: Activates antiviral immunity and mitigates inflammation.

💤 Melatonin: Apart from aiding sleep, it's an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory activity.

💊 NAC: Inhibits cellular entry and replication of respiratory viruses.

And that's not all! Licorice, garlic, quercetin, and many more natural wonders contribute to your immune health.

⚖️ Don't forget to balance your immune system with lab tests. Assessing vitamin levels and diverse white blood cell types can provide valuable insights into your immune health.

🔬 Lab Tests for Immune Health:

🧪 Vitamin D (25-hydroxy vitamin D)

🧪 Vitamin C, plasma

🧪 Zinc, plasma or serum

🧪 White blood cell (WBC) count

🧪 Antibody testing for specific pathogens

🧪 C-reactive protein (hs-CRP)

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