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  • Adriano dos Santos

Instead of industrial meat, buy meat from grass-fed cows.

Is grass-fed beef a better choice than grain-fed beef❓

🔹 Yes, it is; besides better nutritional value, grass-fed beef is produced more ethically than industrial beef.

🔹 For me, this is a step forward against the meat industry, which is one of the most significant pollutants out there.

Here are the reasons why you should do it: 

1. Every time you choose industrial meat, you are destroying the soil. Keep this in mind. 

2. Grass-fed cows with enough room to move around have a much lower bacterial load, and the types of bacteria are less aggressive.  

Grass-fed beef isn’t pumped full of antibiotics.  

Grass-fed beef re-fertilizes the soil with healthy bacteria and nutrients required for quality soil. 

3. It is healthier for humans - grass-fed beef is more affluent in omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids, and conjugated linoleic acid.  

Food that cows in the meat industry eat is sprayed with harmful ingredients, which we don’t want in our environment.  

About 80% of antibiotics made by pharmaceutical companies in the United States end up in animal food.

🔹 Even though my diet is primarily plant-based, my choice when eating meat will be grass-fed if possible. It is better for the environment, and there is less animal cruelty in this way of production.

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