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  • Adriano dos Santos

Following Your Gut: Starting at the Source to Find the Right Nutrition Plan

As a whole, our population has much to learn in the area of gut health. A large majority of our bodily functions are controlled by the 2-6 lbs. of bacteria in our gut [1]. That’s a pretty hefty influence. Turns out, a lot of the bacteria in your gut is beneficial, but you’ve got to learn how to take care of it. Something as common as an overuse of antibiotics can actually deplete some of the good bacteria in your gut [2]. Participating in gut testing is the first step towards improving yourself.

About 20% of the Dutch population has chronic intestinal complaints. Common causes of this discomfort are: IBS and other digestive problems, imbalanced gut flora, inflammatory reactions, gluten and other intolerances, and parasites/fungi. Gut flora performs some important functions to help combat some of these problems.

IBS and other digestive problems are linked to unhealthy gut flora, and there is evidence that probiotic supplements can help balance the bacteria in the gut and also treat inflammation [3]. Gut bacteria also has a major impact on gluten (in)tolerance and the chance of developing celiac disease. If you suffer from a damaged digestive tract, then you will likely have issues with nutrient absorption in your intestines as well [4]. Biotics supplements such as IPS, intenzyme forte, and Flora XL are good first steps towards improving your gut health.

Maintaining a healthy gut is imperative to good nutrition because the gut is where food is broken down and absorbed. Regardless of what diet or exercise regime you are following, an imbalance in your gut bacteria can impair the process of losing weight [4].

In order to develop an effective nutrition program to meet your needs, you need to begin with gut testing to discover the underlying causes of discomfort. Gut testing can help gain insight about what is going on inside your body, and how to take steps with personalized nutrition towards making you feel better.

The benefits of gut-testing are two-fold: you can determine why you feel discomfort, and then work to create a nutrition plan to heal your gut.


[1] “NIH Human Microbiome Project defines normal bacterial makeup of the body”. National Institute of Health.





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