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How I was before changing my lifestyle


I met Adriano after I had my first child five years ago.  It was June 2012, and after a long Dutch winter and months of sleeplessness and breast feeding I longed to get back to shape, but felt that I had no mental strength to even begin.  I was so much heavier than before my pregnancy; and I felt doomed and depressed, certain that the extra weight gained in pregnancy would cling to me forever. 


How Adriano helped me

Adriano came with his patience, positiveness, smile - of course in great shape himself - a real inspiring example. The nutritional programme that he gave me after my assessment really helped tremendously. Also I worked out with him twice a week for a couple of months.

He helped me above all to really make a commitment. And it was not easy, indeed, often quite tough work but I never regretted it. After my second child I followed the same eating pattern combined with his exercise programme. Each time, with his help, it was easier and quicker to lose weight and I felt better about myself and knew exactly what to do.


My lifestyle change forever

Eventually I realised the following:

why should I diet just for a few months and then go back to my not always healthy habits, especially during the winter months?  Weigh fluctuations are neither healthy nor good for your appearance in general.  By choosing one constant healthy nutrition programme, and by reading more about healthy eating, I have realized that "diets" that come and go are just not what I need. Instead my whole lifestyle matters. Besides, eating healthily does not mean eating tasteless things or not enjoying your food. Quite the contrary.  If you know what is good for you and make conscious choices, you can have it all: you can be healthy, and you can enjoy yourself and your life, including the food you eat, every single day!

How I feel nowadays


I was in Greece at the beach this summer, and I saw an old friend whom I've known for over twenty years, since we were both in our early twenties. She is a former model and was always super-conscious of how she and everyone around her looked.  She complimented me that I have a better body today than I had when I was 23. Oh, how proud that made me feel!!!


Thanks to Adriano, I feel fit and eager to play with my young children, have lots of energy to take care of them, and just listen, just be with them. I also am more productive at work.  When you eat healthily and exercise regularly, these are just some the benefits that you get. Last but not least, I want to mention my general well-being, just the way that exercise and proper nutrition make me feel about life in general.


Adriano's teaching has helped me to comprehend in my entire being the basic recipe for happiness known to the ancient Romans, yet so often forgotten in our hectic and stressful modern existence: mens sana in corpore sano: a healthy mind in a happy body.


Marianna Philippot



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