"My results after 4 months was -27 kilos lighter and now after over 3 years I have lost already 42kg in total" 

In my experience, I always believed in vitality as being "two apples a day and no white bread" and that was how I kept myself busy with my nutrition and "vitality".

I have a job which I'm most of the time in my car and I need to spend my time efficiently. That's why I never gave myself the time to have nice and nutritious lunche, and parking the car as close as possible, to where I needed to be, was my "hobby". My main meal was dinners which, of course, led me to have lots of craving for snacks in the evening. That was because I ate too little and wrong during the day. The final result was that I was always tired at the end of the day.

My meals were completely out of balance (I know now): Lots of bad carbohydrates, hidden sugars, processed food and certainly wrong fats. I simply had no idea and never stopped. The lack of exercise contributed to my continuously energy draining process and weight gain. I didn't recognise myself, especially because my energy has always been my strength. "From my energy, I help people to evolve." 

I met Adriano during a workshop he gave about Vitality at work and my eyes opened. I understood his message about nutrition, lifestyle and health, and decided at that time that my life needed to change.

The most important tip I received in my program from Adriano is: "Determine your strategy and plan ahead!". He wrote a plan for me and I followed it precisely. What I learned from Adriano's plan was how to structure my meals in terms of nutrients and I added my creativity in creating delicious dishes but still using the ingredients from his plan. 








As regards to training, I changed completely: I purchased a pedometer in order to encourage me to walk average 10,000 steps a day and to drink 3 liters of water. With Adriano's good explanation during the coaching sessions and the complete plan, I know now what I have to do in the gym/home to become fitter and more flexible.

Without the support of my wife and three daughters, it would have been more difficult. They have started eating much healthier and even using some of my recipes from the program and that helped them to be more aware of what they eat. The creations that come on the table are a party for the whole family nowadays!

Meanwhile Adriano and I are 4 months ahead and I feel much fitter, energetic and happier than I can ever remember. I notice that I have more energy at home and at work, and as an addition to all, I have got a better skin too.


"My results after these 4 months is -27 kilos lighter and now after over 3 years I have lost already -42 kilos. My initial goal was 40 kilos back then. Since I lost my first -27kg, I have pulled out the running shoes and I push my boundaries step by step to a greater performance in running. I have already done more "

"What does Vitality mean to me? I get a definition on the internet: "Vitality is the healthy mental and physical condition of someone who leads to energy to live, and both, mental and physical aspect being in balance".  But for me, It is also called lifelong or resilience."


This is exactly what results are: I have more energy to live, to work, smile, love, and more. I share this to everyone". If you would like to know more, feel free to contact me via Adriano!

Best regards,


Joost Meininger

Regional Sales manager KPN & KPN XL Stores