Adriano is an excellent personal trainer / nutritionist.


My husband and I have trained with him more than 2 years. He has helped us bring exercise and healthy nutrition back into our lives and transformed our exercise in a very positive way, helping us get rid of bad habits and developing a more healthy and active lifestyle.


He is one of the most serious, dedicated and knowledgeable professionals that I have come across in his profession, and is also a pleasure to work with.


He sets apart from other coaches by developing a very personalised workout/nutrition routine and constantly adjusting it to ensure we are progressing at the right pace.


He helped me get back in shape after my third pregnancy, and is still constantly giving us new ideas / recipes/ tips / and recommending new gym equipment taking into account our busy lives and travel schedules.


I strongly recommend Adriano as a personal trainer. 


Graziela Cajado-Ogland