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No more medicines for me. Healthy living is my way of living now.

I received a gift from my brother, 10 health coaching sessions with Adriano, about two years ago when my brother realised how much I was struggling with my back problems, blood pressure and cholesterol. 


I had a low back operation a few years ago and after the operation I could never get back to normal routine, including simply vacuuming the house without feeling excruciating pain.

After an intake interview with Adriano, we set the goal of reducing back pain through a corrective exercise programme and an specific nutrition plan to reduce my blood pressure, cholesterol and of course drop some kilos. I had then 23% fat in my body and way too high blood pressure. 

After a few weeks on the fitness plan, I was already pain free from my backaches and happily some kilos lighter. That was a wonderful feeling. The fitness and nutrition program was easy to follow and empowering. 

His health program progressions were achievable and incredibly effective. Due great positive results from my laboratory tests (blood pressure and cholesterol), body fat and size measurements, I got even more motivated to continue the lifestyle.

The result now after all the hard work is 7.5% body fat, low blood pressure, excellent cholesterol and as a plus I got an athletic body which I never dreamed of. 


Best Regards,

Ed Hulshof


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