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Pricing Guide

Here you find an overview of the consoltation fees  as well as  the program fees for the "Feel Better Plan" and the introduction program. Laboratory costs are always charged separately. If applicable the amounts below include t.v.a.


The hourly fee for a(n online) consult : Euro195,--.

Average time for a consult

The average length for a consultation depends on several factors. 

  • Intake with health complaints 2.5 hours

  • Analysis of lab tests and development of a treatment plan 1.5 hours

  • Follow-up consultation 45 minutes

Fee Feel Better Program

The fee  for "Feel Better Plan"  can be found on the website.  This does not include any laboratory tests. 

Follow-up consultations up to one year after the program are charged at a  discount off the regular rate as mentioned on the website.

Introduction Program

Costs of the introduction program to Euro 150,--

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory tests are requested on an individual basis. This is tailored to each person's complaints. For immune system complaints, we often test for food allergies (from Euro 180), and/or the intestinal microbiome (from Euro 250). Furthermore, we can test for infections (viruses and bacteria), toxic substances, heavy metal load, genes (SNPS in connection with detoxification) etc. During the intake we will advise what is necessary, and the tests can be done in full or in stages. The costs involved in the tests are  communicated during the intake. .


During treatment, nutritional supplements are prescribed if necessary, with the aim of improving health. These include supplements to improve intestinal resilience, eliminate toxins, improve the immune system and any natural repellents for bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. The cost will depend on the type and quantity of supplements that are recommended. If the supplements are ordered from a supplier selected by ADS, a 10% discount is offered on the retail price. The cost of the supplements is charged directly on the website of the selected supplier.  The discount is settled directly in the supplier's webshop at the time of purchase.


Consultations will have to be paid in advance online via the payment link provided. You will receive an invoice by e-mail. This invoice might be  claimed from your health insurer if applicable.

Inability to attend

Consultations should be attended at the agreed time. Cancellations within 48 hours will be charged 100%.


In case of a  supplementary insurance, some health insurance companies will reimburse part of the treatment. As a practitioner affiliated with the professional association MBOG, the care falls under orthomolecular or naturopathic care. You can claim the amount after the consultation based on the invoice.

Check out for an up-to-date overview of reimbursements. Check with your health insurer which reimbursement applies to your insurance package.

People on a small budget
For people on a small budget, there is an opportunity to be treated by Adriano at a greatly reduced rate or even pro bono.
Do not hesitate to get in touch and we will explore whether you qualify for these consultations.

* All fees include VAT and may be adapted by ADS Vitality in case of increasing costs, market-developments or otherwise.

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