This full body 3-day a week program is designed to get your heart rate up to your threshold and keep you sweating! Progressing over the 4-week mesocycle to continue challenging gym goers with enough stimuli for continued improvement in their cardiovascular fitness and strength goals. 

Repetition ranges provided should be the number of repetitions it takes to reach fatigue (the point just before you cannot complete another full repetition). You will need to select weights that bring you to this point within those ranges -- but unlike pure strength programs, the most important thing is to keep moving! 

Don't forget to add your general cardio in somewhere!

4 Weeks Metabolic Conditioning Program

  • You get an instant access to ADS Vitality Fitness app where you will follow this amazing 4 weeks fitness program.  You get also a pdf file in case you don't want to use an app. 

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