Have you been dreaming of six-pack abs? Flat, Tight, Washboard, V-cut, 6-pack or even 8-pack?  If are the things you want to hear when people talk about your abdominals, this is the workout for you! A 2-day split to integrate into your other workouts and cardio programming. You will love this program with a hardcore focus.

This program lasts for 8 weeks and includes:

- 2 workouts (Day 1 - rectus & transverse abdominals; Day 2 - obliques, hips, & everything abs) split over the week on Tuesday and Thursday respectively.

- Assessments at the start, week 5, and upon completion of week 8



PS: Don't forget, abs are made in the kitchen as well ! So get on that nutrition plan too.

8 Weeks Core Strength and Stability Training

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