4-Week Restore Your Gut


I designed this four-week program to help you make essential lifestyle changes and restore not only your digestive health, but full body health, too. In this program, you’ll learn how to give your body what it needs to heal inside and out. 


During this program, I will teach you about a new way of approaching your health and wellness, and you’ll learn everything from how to eat to nourish your body, to how to balance your gut by removing the “bad stuff” and adding in more of the “good stuff” (alkaline pre and probiotics).


We’re about to cover so many topics that will finally allow you to take charge of your life and your health. I am so excited for you! 

This is a DIY 4 week gut-healing course just for you, with all the tips you'll need to implement at your own pace.


You'll get immediately after signing up:


  • Four weeks of gut healing recipes,

  • a 150 + page e-Book,

  • 4 BONUS guides of valuable information such as supplementation, probiotic treatment and many more. 

Based on the methods I use as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, say bye-bye to belly bloating and hello to digestion you can be proud of!

Gut Health Basics


An easy introduction to gut health concepts so that you can learn more about your digestion and use this guide to your benefit.

  • What gut dysfunction is all about
  • Why eating foods like gluten and dairy make us sick...and tired
  • How gut issues can be made worse
  • Why now is the time to work on gut health


The Best and Worst Foods for Gut Health


Your reference guide for navigating through the grocery store and daily life.

  • The worst inflammatory foods to remove from your diet (immediately)
  • Gut loving superfoods to restore your gut
  • Superfoods for incredible gut healing


4-Week Meal Plan


A day-by-day meal plan featuring gut healing foods and batch prepping tips for easy meal prep and faster compliance.

  • Over 30 daily recipes laid out in a full meal plan for you
  • 3 daily meals plus snacks and drinks for every day
  • Weekly printer-friendly shopping list
  • A mixture of plant-based and animal-based proteins
  • Various veggies and proteins, never the same ole' salad!
  • Always gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free and sugar-free
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