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  • Adriano dos Santos

Plant-based Diet vs. Meat-based Diet

Although this may look as an easy choice at a first glance, based on your preferences, the reality is actually completely different.  

The debates between these ''2 schools'' are heated, and both sides, naturally, believe they are right. 

What are the standpoints of each side? 

- Many of the studies linking plant-based diets to better health are more of an observational epidemiology, not interventional studies, and, as such, cannot prove causation, and are often plagued by healthy and unhealthy user bias 

- Numerous interventional studies suggest that consuming meat does not actually lead to the increased inflammation or oxidative stress, but quite contrary, improves insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity 

- Many phytochemicals are plant defense molecules that have negative effects on humans, and strictly plant-based diets can, in fact, lead to nutrient deficiencies 

These are just a few arguments, and trust me, there are many more.  

Which side to choose? Who should you believe? 

The best answer I can probably give you is to trust yourself, a professional nutritionist, and your own ethics. 

My diet is 85% plant-based, and that's the best fit for me personally.  


It has a positive impact on my body in terms of nutrients that my body needs, I feel positive and happy, but also, it reduces the negative environmental impact of my nutrition, which is quite important to me. 

What should you do? 

First, contact me, and let's schedule the call. I'll need to learn more about you, your habits, and the goals you want to achieve. Only after we have done that, we can make the right decision about what is the best choice of diet for you. 

Have a great day! 

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