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  • Adriano dos Santos

Healthy Snickers Bars


Healthy Snickers Bars

Try a healthy Snickers bar made with only raw, vegan ingredients and no added sugar. It has all natural wholesome ingredients so your cravings will be satisfied for longer!

I couldn’t believe how well these turned out when I first made them! You have to make them. I promise you will not be able to keep your hands off of them. Be careful with your portions because they are calorie rich but healthy calories.

These Snickers bars are so chewy and gooey and delicious all at the same time. Words cannot begin to describe how excited I was while enjoying them together with my partner (a chocolate lover) and friends. Treat yourself to these as a special weekend treat because you deserve it!


For the base

500gr cups cashews

170gr cup shredded coconut

8 Medjool dates

3 tbsp brown rice syrup

For the peanut butter caramel

8 Medjool dates

85gr peanut butter

2 tbsp almond milk

1 tbsp brown rice syrup

For assembly

85gr peanuts

1/2 of a bar of raw chocolate


For the base:

  1. In a food processor, process cashews into small pieces.

  2. Add in coconut, dates, and brown rice syrup and process until a sticky dough form.

  3. Press into a loaf pan lined with parchment paper and put in the freezer.

For the caramel

  1. Process all ingredients, adding almond milk a little bit at a time until a smooth caramel forms.

  2. Spread caramel over the base.

For assembly

  1. Scatter peanuts on top of the caramel and press down lightly.

  2. Melt your chocolate in the microwave, stirring every 15 seconds until completely melted.

  3. Drizzle chocolate over the top of the bars.

  4. Place back in the freezer until hardened.

  5. Remove from the freezer, cut into bars, and eat some healthy candy!

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