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Cauliflower Low Histamine Hummus Recipe

Home of Histamine Intolerance... and Hummus

Searching for a low histamine hummus recipe? Well, I've got a recipe for what I call a LOW HISTAMINE YUMMUS!

I’m a big hummus fan - who isn’t? But is hummus low histamine?

Low Histamine Hummus

If you’re wondering if hummus is low histamine, the answer is... kind of…

Although most of the ingredients in hummus are tolerable by many histamine intolerance sufferers, traditional hummus does still contains a few ingredients such as lemon that may set off a histamine reaction!

Believe it or not, some histamine intolerance sufferers may even react to additives and preservatives in chickpeas if you’re going the route of canned chickpeas.

To play it safe, I’ve created a 100% low histamine hummus recipe that will satisfy your hummus cravings while also being healthier than traditional hummus.

By substituting the chickpeas with cauliflower, this becomes a low histamine hummus recipe that’s also great for supporting a healthy gut while reducing inflammation and regulating gene expression. And not mentioning that it becomes a very low carbohydrate recipe.

Additionally, the addition of healthy oils such as avocado oil provides extra nourishment and can actually enhance nutrient absorption of fat-soluble nutrients. The inclusion of olive oil in this recipe can also produce some amazing results, as studies have shown olive oil consumption to be one of the many methods for naturally increasing DAO enzymes.

In other words, this low histamine hummus kicks butt compared to any other hummus recipe you’re going to find.

Cauliflower Low Histamine Hummus

Ingredients (Makes 6 Servings)


2 tbsp olive oil         

700gr cauliflower          

2 tbsp water         

½ tsp salt         

2 garlic cloves         

1 tbsp organic tahini paste (optional if tolerable)         


¾  tsp salt         

3 tbsp olive oil for serving                  

smoked paprika


In an oven, mix the 2 tbsp olive oil, water, cauliflower, garlic cloves, and ½ tsp salt;

Roast it for 20 minutes.Once tender, transfer to a food processor and pulse until well blended.Add in the tahini, olive oil and ¾ tsp salt and blend until smooth.

Serve in a bowl sprinkled with paprika and 3 tbsp olive oil. Serve alongside your favourite veggies, rice cakes or breads.

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