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I am very excited to be launching my (ADS Vitality) blog! To begin with I’d like to give you some indication of what I expect to be posting, my motivation to do so and why I hope you’ll find reason to join me in this little place on the web : )

My blog is about helping to encourage people to make more informed decisions regarding their health and lifestyle choices. So I’ll be sharing all sorts of good things that can help you live a healthy life. My focus is balance, and so expect to see a variety of posts covering nutrition, fitness, health, mindset and overall lifestyle - all the elements which together create true wellness.

Aside from my passion for living a healthy life, I love cars, travel and cooking so these aspects of my life will most definitely also sneak in : )

I plan on collaborating with like-minded people and integrating their voices into my blog as well, so if you’re interested or know someone I should be in touch with - please do let me know (drop me a line). This is a part of my contribution to making the world a healthier place but I firmly believe the more people that can champion for a healthier world, the greater impact we can have collectively.

How I got ‘into’ health & wellbeing

I have been into a healthy lifestyle since I was 18 years old (just a couple of years ago :-)) ) when I started training with a fitness trainer in order to get stronger and faster in my football and running. I remember lifting my first weights and thinking that I would never achieve any results. I felt like giving up many times and stopping eating healthily. However, gradually I noticed the increase of my strength during running and football practice. Also after struggling with skin allergies and acne for so many years, I began to notice a huge improvement in how my skin looked like.

These small changes spurred me on. My progression encouraged me to go through a sport science master degree in order to learn all about how our body operates in different training methods and how we can empower our health through exercise.

I was fortunate to work as a Personal Trainer from the first year of my university, leading to managing a high profile clientele in Brazil for almost 4 years at Rythmos club (powered by Rebook) in Bauru.

Soon enough I dreamed of grey skies (!) and I moved to London with the ultimate goal to study English and Nutrition science. After being enrolled by Kingston College, I dived into the science of nutrition and how to use food as medicine. That was the most empowering experience in my career. Nowadays I specialise in gut health and treatments and I focus my health programs on the gut health.

Over the years I have learned a lot about what total body wellness means, from a personal and professional perspective, and more importantly what it takes to truly feel healthy and happy.

My struggles:

I am so blessed to have had many wonderful opportunities in my life and one would think I should be well balanced and healthy as a result. However, somewhere along the path of life, like everyone…I had tough moments.

Being the youngest of two boys, growing up in a country where the social differences are huge and having a successful role model (my father) made up the perfect cocktail for me to become fear based, fiercely independent, hyper responsible, an over achiever, very self-critical and the one who was eager to play the role of care taker and peacemaker. This toxic combination always lead me to take extreme decisions and often lots of stress.

After my father passed away, I grieved for years after his defeat to brain cancer and all the suffering throughout his very long treatment, I then realized that there is a silver lining even in tragedy and have learned so much as a result.

Adversity hits us all and what I have learned over time is how I can take back my power through believe in myself and the choices I make. So…I am continually learning to choose hope not fear, love not hate, faith not self-reliance, light not dark, gratitude not judgment and to hear yes you can rather than no you can’t.

It is due to my personal life experience that I broadened my perspective of wellness.

At the core, it means the ability to connect to the things that bring you joy and importantly taking the time to follow your passion. I am blessed to be doing just that…empowering people to believe in themselves and to become their own greatest advocates. I have such acceptance now and know everything happens for a reason. I became a high achiever in my career and found health & fitness as a way to deal with difficult obstacles….so all things really do work together for a greater good.

It is this foundation that inspired me to be a fierce advocate for wellness. I hope by sharing a little piece of my life, you have a deeper understanding of what drives me and why I do what I do. When your path has been dark and you begin to find the light you want to help others find their way as well.

I am beginning to find a true inner peace…the kind that allows me to hear that gentle voice which reminds me to stop doing so much and just start being. Of course, I ignore this reminder often (!) but at least I slow down to listen sometimes.

I hope you enjoy my ADS Vitality blog - do get in touch and let me know what you think - and that it will serve as a source of information, motivation and inspiration for you to become your greatest advocate.

You may already be well down the path to good health or you could just be starting your journey, either way hold the course because your life will for ever be changed for the better.

I look forward to hearing from you all here.

Best Regards,

Adriano dos Santos

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