In 2016 I got to know Adriano (initially through my former employer, KPN). Initially I was very excited to start the individual program with Adriano, because only by following his corporate workshops inspired me already to change my lifestyle.


Adriano saw during our first session together, and without any sophisticated scan test, what kind of injury I had (one which I'd been already by 3 physios to find out exactly what it was). That was mind blowing. 


I knew I had made the right choice! Working with Adriano is a life changing, confronting, but above all really great fun! He is really an expert in his profession, super intelligent and has an incredibly warm personality.


Thanks letting me to get to know you. Also thank you for the super wise insights and sorry that I sometimes cursed you during our training sessions (especially if you announced with a big smile that I was allowed to do some burpees exercise) ...


You are awesome and working with you was really a present!



Pauline van der Linden