Change your mindset, and you can change your reality" 

Adriano dos Santos

I will challenge your belief system.

Really, I will challenge your belief system. So often we’re unaware of how our beliefs are preventing us achieving the very things we want most. 

Addressing limiting mindsets are a central part of the programs I create. Shift your mindset and you’ll be amazed how you are inspired into action to change your body, reform your nutritional habits and transform your lifestyle. 


We may be conscious of many of our own self-limiting beliefs and attitudes but often it is our subconscious that is the real driver of our behaviours. A medley of childhood conditioning (to start with, just think of the social norms in the decade you were brought up and how things may have changed!), family values, cultural and life experience - good and bad - that you assimilate without even realising help create your very own super-cocktail of a (often wonky) worldview. I work with you to unpick the out-dated or erroneous beliefs you’ve created over the years and help you to re-shape them in line with the person you are now. 


This is possibly the most difficult elect of ‘what I do’ to explain. I’ve having been receiving some testimonials from happy clients to share how they’ve experienced working with me. Keep tuned on my testimonial page. I think these will help explain : ) 

It’s not impossible

When your lifestyle is out of balance it’s natural to feel unsure about where to start, in fact it can feel an overwhelming impossible task to instigate any changes to create more balance.


Remember that when you’re out of balance, it’s not simply the areas you’re neglecting that suffer but also the area you’re spending too much of your time on. You need balance to perform optimally in all areas of your life. 

By working in a holistic way, and addressing all elements of your lifestyle pragmatically we can find a route to creating more balance. 


​I know! I talk about balance a LOT. I feel that it’s become normalized for our balance to be out of whack. Yet when we’re operating in balance we can manage our busy lives, have time for our essential needs and live healthily. 


Initially, if you’re struggling with balance, it may be about scheduling the unbalanced areas back into your agenda.


As you become more aware of the benefits leading a more balanced life provides, you’ll find yourself implementing these boundaries without a second thought. 


Don't let bad habits get you down


​So much of our lifestyle is dictated by poor habits. Whether they’re via routine, work, home, food, relationships etc., we can very easily find ourselves stuck in a rut. 

But small changes can bring huge gains.

  • Try adding more movement to your daily routine;

  • If you work in an office, try standing at your desk;

  • Walk as often as you can;

  • Create time in the day to relax your mind.