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Marcelo Assalin





Lifestyle and Health Transformation


As a health coach, I give it all in helping my clients transforming their lifestyle and health. I use functional lab tests, personalised nutrition and training programmes and mindset coaching as tools to find out the causes of their symptoms but above of all to empower them to a new life.

Working with Marcelo Assalin was a very motivating experience because he took it seriously and followed his personal health programme very precisely. We could see some many improvements in his biology but also in his mindset throughout our coaching programme. 

Here was Marcelo before we met when he was struggling with his health and energy level. Having a demanding job as he has, it had been years of struggle with this energy, sleep and many other elements in his health.





I’m so grateful to have worked with Marcelo and definitely grateful for this words here below: 




" I am very fortunate to have crossed paths with Adriano. His knowledge, professionalism, patience and above all kind friendship were critical to guide me through a radical lifestyle change.


Through a properly designed and carefully implemented dietary and workout program, I lost a considerable amount of weight in a reasonably short period of time.


Most importantly, my energy levels, flexibility, sleep and overall quality of life improved dramatically.


No more heartburn anymore! When I met Adriano I could barely run 100 meters. After a couple of months I was able to run 10 kilometres.


I could not say better words about Adriano’s work and strongly recommend his invaluable services."


Marcelo Assalin


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