Lab Tests

These functional lab tests can provide valuable insights into underlying biochemical imbalances

Our physical ill-health is most apparent when we cannot function as usual, for example: a sprained joint, broken bone, torn ligament or muscle. Or when we’re suffering from a specific disease, and the effects of the necessary treatment, for example: following chemotherapy.

All of the tests I run are 10-20 years ahead of the lab technologies in conventional healthcare and are far more comprehensive. What this means for you is we can detect a whole lot more through these lab tests (it's not uncommon we find the root of the issue upon the very first test!). We even have the ability to spot the early onset of a disease up to 10 years in advance (talk about preventative health care!). Because the test are so comprehensive, we get a thorough understanding of what's going on throughout the body, not just in one isolated system, from every single test we run.

The Perfect Combination


I’m a firm believer in gaining the most comprehensive understanding of how your body currently functions before creating a supportive nutritional program. Cellular biochemistry investigation and functional analysis provide this. 

Laboratory Tests

The lab tests I use (see below) quantify exact nutritional and hormonal imbalances, providing a fantastic snapshot for those seeking to optimize health, and healthy longevity, through genetic and nutritional testing. 

I use these to create your personalized nutritional program. (see on nutrition page)


I use a couple of well-known laboratories for the different cellular biochemistry analyses, via blood, saliva, urine and stool sample testing. 

Selfies from the inside

All of the above tests can be done right from the comfort of your home. Even the blood tests can be done through a mobile phlebotomist unless you'd prefer to go to a local draw site. As soon as you become a client and we decide upon the best tests that will give us the information we need to pinpoint the hidden causes of disease in the body, I will place an order for them and they will arrive at your doorstep for you to complete. Within 1-3 weeks, the results arrive back and I then walk you through them line-by-line to understand how the results correlate with how you feel. Then, we'll talk through a recommended protocol that's comprised with food recommendations, lifestyle strategies, stress management, supplementation, exercise, and more. As a holistic practitioner, I address the whole body the whole time and never just prescribe supplements - they are just one part of a much larger picture.


Working with me, I'll help guide you in implementing these changes to ensure they're practical for your unique lifestyle so that this can become an exciting and easy lifestyle for you. 

How Testing Works

Tests May Include

  • Allergy Testing 

  • Coeliac screening

  • Food Intolerance Testing IgG

  • Hormone Testing

  • Liver Function

  • Cardiovascular Function

  • Digestive and Gut Function

  • Bacteria DNA

  • Parasitology Testing

  • Genetic Testing

  • Adrenal Stress Profile

  • Thyroid Function

Petri Dish

Gut Analysis

Investigating your microbiome, digestive markers, enzymes, parasites and virus is a very important first step to a healthier nutrition programme.

Food Knolling

Allergy Testing

Find out how allergic you are with more than 232 different types of food, including lactose, gluten and histamines. 


Download here a test result template. PS: This template is in German but all the reports will be translate in English or Dutch.


You can find out what fats make up your cells with the Omega-3 Index Complete test. Diet is not the only thing that determines your blood fatty acid levels – metabolism, genetics, gender, weight, age and other lifestyle factors all can play a role.

Healthy Food

Vitamin D

Exposure to sunlight, eating vitamin D-rich foods and taking supplements does not guarantee that your blood level will be in the desirable range — it must be measured. Research shows that people with higher blood levels of vitamin D live better for longer, with immune and cardiovascular systems that function better.

Orange Umbrella