Achieving the best results is always a balance of fitness, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle

Mental fitness, physical fitness or both? 

Making time for fitness makes it possible to be the best version of yourself.

So often I hear how people are too busy to stick to a fitness program. It’s often the first casualty in busy lives. Yet when the going gets tough, maintaining a strong, fit body will enable you to keep going. 

I believe fitness is essential to overall health, mental and physical. 


My programs use training principles based on functional physiological science (See what I do) enabling you to train smarter, more efficiently and in tune with your physical abilities. 

By channeling your specific motivations we can create identifiable goals, back-stops and inspirations to help you stay on track and achieve your goals. 


Whether your motivation is due to a specific health concern, a desire to lose weight, to increase energy or to achieve specific sports goals I will help you find, and keep, your motivation. 


Prior to starting your program, I ask you to complete a series of physical tests which help to screen your overall physical and physiological condition. These ensure I am able to provide truly personalised exercise programs.


Each program provides the results of my extensive assessments, and is bespoke to you, your condition, abilities, and goals and motivations.