Guilty Free Desserts Workshop

Healthy Dessert Recipes with 5 Ingredients or Less!

Sick of feeling lethargic and guilty after eating a dessert? It doesn’t need to be like that. There are plenty of nutritional strategies to solve this problem. 


I love creating simple, healthy and delicious dessert recipes. My goal is to use as little ingredients as possible. Also it’s very important to me that the ingredients are simply natural.


Eating bad quality desserts can be the biggest failure in ones health and that’s what motivated me to come up with HEALTHY, DELICIOUS and EASY recipes that will satisfy any craving without derailing you from your body weight goals!


These dessert recipes give you energy and make you feel amazing after eating!  By utilizing nutritious ingredients and low-glycemic ingredients in a creative way, I have been able to create desserts that taste incredibly decadent and delicious, while giving you clean energy and fuel for your day.


Or, if you currently avoid desserts altogether, you will be able to add them back into your lifestyle while still achieving your health and fitness goals. 


A healthy lifestyle and diet must be sustainable long term, and these recipes will allow you to always satisfy your sweet tooth when it strikes.


One can never have too many healthy dessert recipes right?  


  • 2 hours of nutritional and cooking advice, guidance and inspiration 

  • Discover new guilty-free recipes

  • An invaluable recipe and information kit to take home- A fun session full of learning and laughs surrounded by like-minded people in the fantastic state-of-the-art kitchen in the centre of The Hague

  • Endless cups of tea and coffee

  • Some healthy treats for a bite



  • Understand the uses of nuts, seeds and other specific ingredients for healthy dessers

  • Understand the nutritional values for your desserts

  • Know how to create your own desserts 

  • Know the unmissable ingredients

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