As an architectural/interior designer – and shoes/clothing lover – I find extremely important that the inside/outside beauty should be always leveled in order to transmit the essence of the most pure feelings such as happiness and freedom. I make an analogy with my own body & mind as being my soul’s home.

Since my early ages I have always been on modeling in Brazil as well as in NYC until my 18th birthday when that I wanted to study interiour design in London. I always gave too much importance to how my body looked like and many times didn’t listen to my body by pushing it too hard and not nourishing myself properly. I associated food with pleasure/guilty feeling which lead me to a look like “healthy body” but I was lacking energy and fitness condition. That is exactly the opposite what I do for work, I design beautiful, elegant, comfortable and cozy places for my clients where they get energy, happiness and peace from. Their places are beautiful from inside out and provides them energy and vitality.

That was exactly when I realised I needed to do something about my health and fitness level. So I met Adriano dos Santos, who was highly recommended by friends of mine in London. I needed someone who was highly qualified in sport but also in nutrition to help me with both disciplines. He has studied sport science and nutrition in university level and he fascinated me how professional his approach was. I was hooked to embark a new phase of my life.

Adriano laughed in our first meeting when I said:

“I know what I need to do and eat to be healthy, I just need somebody to hold me accountable.”

I was wrong. My whole life, I subscribed to the low-fat, low-calorie, diet-this and that lifestyle. I blamed MYSELF when I was hungry, deprived, frustrated or overate. 

He simply replied:

“Accountability is important but understanding/listening to your body is what I will help you with through analysing, measuring, planning and executing a plan”

I listened to what he said and related it straight to my work because it is exactly how I approach to a architect/interiour design project.


I can truly say: I felt fitter, energetic and above of all healthier since I followed Adriano’s approach. Nutrition isn’t something that defeats me anymore, and my image isn’t something I spend hours worrying about. This wasn’t a temporary program, or a one-time fix. It’s a learning experience that results in a fulfilled, healthy, and happy lifestyle. 

I want to thank Adriano for being awesome, supportive, and innovative. I can’t wait for others to discover the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through real food, and encourage them to reach out to his words like I did.



Best regards,


Beatrice Millett

São Paulo / London / Manchester