Food as medicine

As a health science speaker, I have also run lectures and courses in communities about heart disease and educated on the preventative measures of nutrition and exercise. 


I am a sought after speaker on the benefits of corporate wellness, via my company ADS Vitality, through my collaboration with different organizations in the Netherlands. We create distinctive corporate wellness programs for multi-national global clients, including KPN, Accor Hotel Group, International British Schools, Springer Science, and Travel Counsellors Benelux group. 


I design and run integrated wellness programs for individuals, corporate clients, and health and fitness professionals. 

Special interests

I have a specialist interest in gut health, and in particular how nutrition and exercise can positively impact IBS. In addition to my direct work with individual, and corporate, clients on gut health I lectured on this subject regularly at Kings College University, London to audiences of gastrointestinal doctors, nutritionists, and students. 


With a particular emphasis on the importance of balancing macro-nutrients within nutritional programs, I have been able to achieve some incredible health and lifestyle-changing results for clients. 




I have a degree in Physical Education (BA Hons, Faculdades Integradas de Bauru, Brazil) where I specialized in exercise physiology (MSc), biomechanics, and sports nutrition.

I possess level 6 (scientist level) from the European association of exercise & health professionals.


I continued his studies with a BA (Hons) in Nutritional Science (Kingston College, London) in order to better combine my sports and nutritional science knowledge. 


I also hold a couple of extra qualifications/courses in physiotherapy, osteopathy, and nutrition fields and continue to add to my knowledge with accredited courses and my own studies.

In detail:

• Sport Science Degree (BA Hons)

• Nutrition Science Degree (BA Hons)

• Exercise Physiology (MSc)

• Level 6 Health specialist by Ereps

• Corrective and physiotherapeutic training

• Taping and Strapping Technique

• Active Release Technique (ART)

• Weight Lifting Techniques

• Marathon and Running training

• Neuromuscular Disorders assessments

• Body Composition Measurement,

• Strength, Flexibility, Cardiovascular assessment

• Exercise Physiology, Anatomy, Biomechanics 

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